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Armani Swayze!!! Check It Out!!!


Go behind the scenes of Rihanna’s gorgeous Harpers Bazaar Arabia cover, shot by photographer extraordinaire Ruven Afanador.


Some bad news for newspapers. 


Some bad news for newspapers. 

"Chicago’s winter was especially brutal in 2014, yet in stark contrast, our Hip Hop scene has been on fire. On the coldest day of the year we assembled an all-star cast of Mick Jenkins, Dally Auston, NoName Gypsy, Saba and producers OnGaud at SoundScape Studio for a special Closed Session.

While this group of emcees and producers have been friends for a long time, and worked together in the past, this session was their first time all working together simultaneously on one song. The result is “Realer Than Most” a dope new cut from our newest compilation, Closed Sessions Vol. 3 releasing soon.” - Closed Sessions


Photos of some of Team Black Dynamite Season 1 production crew: Carl Jones (Executive Producer/Head writer) Myself (Creative Producer/Supervising Director) Chase Conley (Supervising Character Designer), Ronald Wimberley (Character Design/Layout Assists) Denzel Whitaker( Voice Actor/Editor) Roni Brown (Production CoOrdinator) Roger Webb (Color supervisor) Damon Moran (Prop Supervisor) Diego Molara ( Clean-up/design/color assist). 

Tight crew. Good peoples. We’re all extremely busy working hard on Black Dynamite Season 2. 2014!!!!

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The world’s largest telescope made with data
Look up on a starry night and consider this: in our lifetime we just might find the answers to one of life’s biggest mysteries. Dutch research institute, Astron and its international partners are building the world’s largest radio telescope, aka The Square Kilometer Array. This big telescope will be made up of thousands of interconnected smaller telescopes, arranged in fractal patterns, to let us glimpse back in time more than 13 billion years ago—mere seconds after the universe was created. How on Earth is this possible? 

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Jazz Lights Chicago

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Apollo x K.R.I.T.

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S/o to @thelab3l for the feature make sure you follow. #chicago working!


S/o to @thelab3l for the feature make sure you follow. #chicago working!